Eligibility and nominating

Who can nominate?

Almost anyone can nominate a digital government service in the GovCX Awards, including citizens and people who work in government!

Make a nomination here!

The GovCX judges and BCG GovCX Administrators are ineligible to nominate a service for GovCX.

What sorts of digital government services are eligible?

Any digital government service that is publicly available to citizens is eligible for nomination for the GovCX Awards!

It must be a digital service provided by a government organisation. We define ‘government organisation’ as a public sector or civil service organisation that is established through an act of parliament, and has some level of government oversight and responsibility. This includes government business enterprises and state-owned enterprises.

Digital services provided by private sector organisations, political parties, politicians and non-government or not-for-profit organisations are ineligible for GovCX. Internal-facing services for people who work in government are also ineligible.

The competition terms and conditions can be found here.

How to submit your nomination

Nominations can be made in four easy steps:

  1. Check your nomination meets the criteria:
    • Is it a digital service?
    • Is it provided by a government organisation?
    • Is it publicly available?
  2. Register your details at http://govcxawards.awardsplatform.com. You will receive an email to verify your login
  3. Login (either through the link in your email or here http://govcxawards.awardsplatform.com  and complete the simple nomination form. Provide the details of the digital government service you are nominating (for example, the link to the website, details of the mobile app).
  4. Confirm that you have read and agree to the GovCX terms & conditions and submit!

Your details and any supporting information you provide as part of your nomination must be in English. The government service you are nominating may be in any language; however, English translations will be used as part of the assessment process.